Pastor Nick Kahl

Fisherman. Carpenter. Pastor. These words might spark images of Peter leaving his nets to follow Jesus, Jesus himself sanding a freshly made tabletop, or Paul shepherding new churches in the first century. Yet for Nick Kahl of Calvary Chapel Elizabeth City, these words also capture a journey of following God’s call.

Nick web photo

“When God calls a person to a certain work, he will most certainly equip that person for it,” Pastor Nick Kahl said. Even before his conversion, Pastor Nick was “overwhelmed by the fact that God’s Word could be presented and explained to people.” Once his own relationship with Jesus began, the strong call to teach the Bible to others also began. Despite times of struggle, Pastor Nick responded to the call in 2010 and has pastored Elizabeth City’s Calvary Chapel since then. He credits his mentor David Guzik with a strong “willingness to invest in my life and ministry,” and admires Martin Luther, Billy Graham, and D.L. Moody “for their boldness in standing firm for the non-negotiable doctrines of the Christian faith.”

Whether in Elizabeth City or in another corner of the world, Pastor Nick desires to see people “fall deeper in love with Jesus.” For a season, he taught Apologetics at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Siegen, Germany. Now in the Albemarle area, Pastor Nick hopes to see more people “come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.” At Calvary Chapel, he believes that people can find “a church that focuses less on religion and more on a relationship with Jesus, less on hype and more on teaching God’s Word, and less on ourselves and more on the community.”

When he is not teaching, preaching, or studying, this Carolina Beach native enjoys body boarding, swimming, cooking, reading, gardening, running, and spending time with his wife Jessie and two daughters.

Pastor Nick’s journey might be summed up with the words from the prophet Habakkuk: “Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told” (1:5). Pastor Nick looks back with wonder and astonishment at the work God has done already, and he looks ahead with faith at the work God will continue to do in Elizabeth City, the Albemarle area, our nation, and the world.